2 More PSVR2 Games Got Stealth Released Today

PS VR2 games are virtually appearing out of nowhere

Transformers Bweyond Reality and PokerStars VR with PS VR2 headset

PS VR2 games just seem to be popping up from out of nowhere. Yesterday VR survival horror Organ Quarter got stealthily dropped onto PS VR2. Now two more games have seemingly appeared out of thin air.

Transformers Beyond Reality

Transformers Beyond Reality screenshot

The first PS VR2 game to get a sneaky release today is Transformers Beyond Reality. It’s on the PlayStation Store right now for £19.99. Here’s the official description of the game.

Welcome to the fight against the Decepticons, human! Your new exosuit and weaponry have been built using a hybrid of Cybertronian and Terran tech. Put it on so we can kick some Decepticon tail-rudder!

The Decepticons have discovered an incredibly powerful but completely unstable and corrupting energy source called Synthetic Dark Energon. With this power, they can finally take over their home planet Cybertron and will destroy Earth in the process.

A human up against a Decepticon is in for a world of hurt. Lucky for you Earth scientists have been working with the Autobots, reverse engineering their highly advanced Cybertonian technology and combining it with human ingenuity. The result is an incredible Exosuit and weaponry, powered by Energon, that will finally even the odds for humans to take on the Decepticons in a pitched battle.

You can also read more about Transformers Beyond Reality and its PS VR2 features on the PlayStation Blog.

PokerStars VR

PokerStars VR

The next PS VR2 game is PokerStars VR from Lucky VR Inc. The developer was definitely holding this one close to their chest. here’s the official description.

PokerStars VR brings you a free-to-play virtual reality casino that truly has no limits. Step into the future with this game-changing release from one of the biggest names in the business. Challenge friends and players from around the world in electrifying games of poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and craps.

With superb realism, stunning interactive environments, intuitive chip, dice and card movements and an endless supply of interactive props, accessories and apparel, a trip to the casino will never be the same again.

As you may have guessed, PokerStars VR is a virtual gambling game but you can’t win real money. It does say that in-game purchases are optional though. PokerStars VR is currently only available on the US PS Store. It is free which leads me to believe that some kind of gambling with virtual currency is involved, even though you can’t win real money. This all sounds a bit murky to me.

PokerStars is on the UK PlayStation Store but there is no release date yet.