5 of the Best The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Guitar Covers

Strummin’ on the ol’ DualShock 4 Geetar

5 of the best The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Guitar covers

The Last of Us Part 2 is a brutal and brilliant game. But, amongst all the gory violence, tense moments and heart-wrenching emotions there is a cool little mini-game. This mini-game, when you are playing as Ellie, lets you practice on Ellie’s guitar.

The guitar practise mini-game thing is actually quite tricky to get used to (it was for me anyway.) The chords are laid out in a wheel and you have to use R1 and L1 to swap between different chord arrangements.

For some players of the Last of Us Part 2, playing Ellie’s guitar is as natural as breathing. I’ve searched on YouTube and Twitter and I have found, what I think are the 5 best Ellie guitar covers.

Metallica(Nothing Else Matters) – Ellie Guitar Cover by KWFoxy

YouTube user KWFoxy does an absolutely amazing version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Seriously, this is amazing considering it is done on a DualShock 4 with the touchpad.

Johnny Cash(Hurt) – Ellie Guitar Cover by KWFoxy

Another superb cover by YouTub user KWFoxy. This time it’s Hurt by Johnny Cash that gets the Ellie guitar treatment.

Let It Be – Ellie Guitar Cover by Toysens channel

Toysons channel from YouTube gives us a classic Beatles song with a fantastic cover of Let It Be.

Chris Isaak(Wicked Game) – Ellie Guitar Cover by Rob McCorkell

YouTube user Rob McKorkell does a fantastic job of covering Chris Isaak’s 1989 hit Wicked Game.

The Eagles(Hotel California) – Ellie Guitar Cover by americanpatriot

In this Ellie cover, Twitter user americanpatriot does a fantastic version of The Eagles classic Hotel California.

And there you have 5 amazing Ellie Guitar Covers from players are who are apparently really, really good at using the DualShock 4. If you enjoyed the above videos, hop over to their respective YouTube channels or Twitter accounts and give them a like subscribe and follow.

To end the article. Here’s my totally pathetic attempt at Knockin’ on Heavens Door by Bob Dylan. Complete with the sound of me tapping on the bumper buttons, you know, for percussion. Not a single like did it get. More practise needed I guess.