5 PSVR2 Games Head to PS Plus Premium During Days of Play

Including Walkabout Mini Golf and The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

Days of Play PSVR2 PS Plus Premium games

For the first time, PSVR2 games are heading to PlayStation Plus Premium as part of this year’s Days of Play celebration. Five PSVR2 games are heading to PS Plus PRemium including the superb Walkabout Mini Golf and the excellent Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – both chapters 1 and 2.

The PSVR2 game announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog’s Days of Play post. It is the first time PSVR2-only games have been included in PlayStation Plus.

Here are the five PSVR2 games coming to PS Plus Premium. All of the games will be available from June 6th.

Walkabout Mini Golf is an excellent PSVR2 game not only is it extremely fun to play on your own but it also has crossplay multiplayer as well. There are loads of base courses to play on and a wide variety of DLC courses as well.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners are excellent VR survival horror game. You don’t need to be a fan of the TV show to play them as they feature completely different characters and settings. It looks like we are getting both chapters 1 & 2 on PS Plus Premium. Chapter 2, which is the sequel is pretty good but in my opinion, Chapter 1 is still the better game.

I haven;t played the other games but I have heard good things about Synth Riders if you are into rhythm games. I have also heard that Before Your Eyes is pretty good too. It uses PSVR2’s eye-tracking capabilities quite effectively.