A New State of Play is Rumoured to be Happening Soon

About time we had a new State of Play

State of Play title screen with PlayStation icons

There hasn’t been a state of Play since September 2022. PlayStation hasn’t even held one solely focused on the PS VR2. But for fans eager to find out what PlayStation has in store, a new State of Play is rumoured to be just on the horizon.

The rumour about a new State of Play comes from games journalist Jeff Grub, who told viewers of his Games Mess youtube show that a State of Play is happening “pretty soon.” But he also told viewers to not get their hopes up as it will apparently be a “low-key” State of Play.

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So when will this State of Play take place? Grubb was hesitant to give a timeframe but thinks it might take place within a “month or so”, or “maybe a little sooner.”

The day after Grubb’s Games Mess show, he posted to Twitter to state that he thinks the State of Play will actually take place before the end of February.

Going back to Grubb’s original rumour on his YouTUbe show, the journalist reiterated that the next State of Play will be a low-key affair. This is because Sony is keeping some game announcements for an actual PlayStation Showcase. The Showcase, according to Grubb, will likely come “before E3 time.”