A PS VR2 Event Is Rumoured To Be Happening Soon (Updated)

But how soon? Nobody knows

A PlayStation VR2 event is rumoured to behappening soon

Updated 3rd April 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment certainly appears to be gearing up to reveal more on the upcoming PlayStation VR2. The PS5 manufacturer held a PlayStation VR2 event at CES 2022 earlier this year, where they revealed the full specs and Horizon: Call of the Mountain. More recently, Sony gave developers a hands-on with the new head mounted display at the Game Developers Conference.

With Sony showing off the PS VR2 to developers, it does seem inevitable that they will hold some kind of event to reveal the pricing and release date to the public, perhaps soon. Games reporter Geoff Grub, talking on his Giant Bomb show on YouTube has apparently heard such a rumour.

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While discussing three PlayStation related rumours, one of which was the new PlayStation Plus, Grubb mentioned that he had heard a rumour about “a potential PS VR2 event.” Grubb thinks that as they have shown the headset to developers at GDC that it makes sense for Sony to be ramping up its efforts to show it to the press and media.

There is no time frame for when this supposed PS VR2 event might be announced.

The most recent rumours regarding a potential release date for the PlayStation VR2 have stated that it won’t launch until early 2023. So it is pretty certain that we will get a PS VR2 event with prices and release date possibly before the end of 2022.

I for one would definitely like the PS VR2 to be released sooner rather than later. With the cost of living crisis kicking in here in the UK, I would like to be able to buy one while I have the money.

Sony Sending Out “Introducing PlayStation VR2” Emails

Update: Freelance games journalist Tom Henderson has tweeted that Soy are sending out emails titled “Introducing PlayStation VR2.” He didn’t specify what was in the email though, or provide screenshots. Typical.

Another Twitter user named DarkClong replied to Tom Henderson saying they had also received this email. DarkClong did provide some screenshots of the alleged email but looks like they are in Cantonese possibly.

If these emails are being sent out to members of the press and media, it could mean that a PS VR2 is indeed happening soon-ish. And if an event does take place, it is reasonable to assume that Sony will reveal a price and release date at this event.