A PS5 Bundle With Horizon Forbidden West Has Launched in the UK

A bundle of joy

PS5 horizon forbidden west bundles

Sony has launched its first-ever PS5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West. The bundle is available in both the PS5 disc edition and PS5 digital edition variants and comes with the standard edition of Horizon Forbidden West.

The new bundle has been spotted at some UK retailers by IGN.

As of writing, I can only see the PS5 and Horizon Forbidden West bundle at Argos and GAME. The bundles seem to be currently in stock at Argos but sold out at GAME, GAME does have other bundles in stock though.

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot

The Argos PS5 bundle is £499.99 for the disc edition and £409.99 for the digital edition. So this should save you a few quid over buying both the console and game separately. From the description on the Argos website, Horizon Forbidden West comes as a digital voucher, even with the disc edition. So you won’t get the game on disc.

Source: IGN