A Very Early Build of Horizon Forbidden West Has Leaked Online

Footage captured from the Alpha build shows Varl’s voiceover done by computer and the intro cutscenes in animatic form

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot

An early Alpha development build of Horizon Forbidden West has leaked online. The leak comes 10 months after the game’s original launch in February 2022.

It is not clear who has leaked this Alpha build of the game, but it does not look like any kind of security breach that has resulted in the Alpha build being stolen. Guerrilla Games nor Sony have acknowledged the leak as far as I can tell.

It looks like the leak was spotted by Lance McDonald in a now-deleted tweet. The files have also been uploaded to the psxhax.com website by the look of it.

The non-public build for Horizon Forbidden West comes with a complete debug mode enabled according to a Reddit user who posted on the r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit.

In the same thread, another user has posted some very interesting footage from the leaked Alpha build running on a jailbroken PS4.

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In the video above we see Aloy in an early mission alongside Varl. Aloy’s voiceover seems to be complete and voiced by Ashley Burch but Varl’s voiceover is computer generated. Varl is voiced by actor John MacMillan in the final version of the game. It is interesting that Aloy’s voice work appears to be complete or at least for this mission it is. Where Varl’s voice work has not been done yet.

The leaked development build is apparently from June 2020 according to the date information seen in the footage. That was nearly two years before the game was released.

The same Reddit user also posted another interesting video from the leaked Alpha build. This time it shows the game’s intro cutscenes in a rough, animatic storyboard form, complete with hand-drawn scenes. Very cool indeed.

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Watch these videos while you can as Sony will probably have them taken down soon.

Neither Guerrilla Games or Sony have commented publicly about the leak as of yet.

Source: Reddit