Abandoned Developers Announce Realtime Trailer App For PS5

Blue Box Games Studios are hoping you won’t Abandon Abandoned with their fancy real-time trailers app coming to PS5

Blue Box Game Studios, developers of upcoming PS5 exclusive horror-survival game Abandoned have announced a Real-time trailers app is coming to PS5.

In a tweet, the developers said with the app we will be able to “Experience all trailers and gameplay reveals with images rendered in realtime by the PS5’s hardware.”


It essentially sounds like the app will provide non-playable demos of the game as well as regular trailers I presume. The Abandoned real-time trailers app will be available on PS5 worldwide on June 20th the developer said.

Abandoned was originally announced back in April. The game is a cinematic horror-survival shooter set in a highly detailed open-world and favours a realistic approach to survival.

The story of Abandoned centres around a guy called Jason Longfield who has been abandoned in a strange forest. Jason can’t remember how he got to this strange forest but he soon remembers that he was kidnapped. Seems that he was taken for some dark purpose and his goal is to escape.

PS5 exclusive Abandoned is currently in development at Blue Box Game Studios and is supposed to release sometime this year.

Abandoned game hub on PS5 console
Abandoned game hub on PS5

In the meantime, a game hub for Abandoned is now live on PS5 so you can go and wishlist and follow the game. Just press triangle to go to the search icon on the dashboard and search for “Abandoned.”

The Abandoned real-time trailers app will be available to install on your PS5 console from June 20th.