Amazon France Has a PS5 Pre-Order Page Up

A screenshot of an older version of the page shows price as 499.99 Euros

sony needs to reveal PS5 pricing now that xbox has

A few hours ago a Reddit user posted a screenshot of an Amazon France PS5 pre-order page. The page showed a price and a specific release date.

I am usually a bit dubious when people post screenshots of webpages and store listings purportedly showing prices and release dates long before they are officially announced.

Screenshots like this can be faked rather easily by inspecting the webpage in the browser and editing the code.

Here is the original screenshot that was posted.

PS5 amazon france pre-order page screenshot from Reddit

The original Reddit post has now been deleted. Along with the user account that posted it. However, another Reddit user u/MaximilienH, has reposted the screenshot in this thread.

Turns out this is actually legitimate though. As Amazon France has an actual live PS5 pre-order page up.

The screenshot shows a price of 499.99 EUROS (£448.69p at current exchange rates.) The screenshot of the Amazon France pre-order page also has a very specific release date of the 20th of November. Which places the release date a week before the Black Friday sales.

The current live PS5 pre-order page now has no price or release date listed and is simply listed as “currently unavailable”

Amazon france PS5 pre-oirder live page
Amazon France PS5 Pre-Order live page

The PS5 has ASIN Numbers

The fact that the PS5 pre-order page is still live on Amazon France would indicate that this listing is probably not a mistake. Neither is it just a place-holder listing that has accidentally been published.

It is still possible that the screenshot of the listing showing the price and release date could have been faked to show the price and release date. On the other hand, it could have been an error on Amazon’s part and they weren’t supposed to show the price, etc this early.

The live PS5 pre-order page shows that the PS5 has an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of B07SDFL84P for the 4K UHD Disc Drive edition. And an ASIN number of B087VL1YHH for the Digital Edition.

The Amazon France pre-order page also lists the PS5 weight as 4.78kg for both editions. You would expect the Disc edition to be slightly heavier. If this weight is accurate, that would make the PS5 1.48kg heavier than the PS4 Pro.

As of writing, the Amazon UK website has no such listing up and searching for the ASIN numbers produces no results.

The Price is Right?

It is worth considering that the price shown in the Amazon France screenshot could be either fake or simply a mistake or a place-holder price. But 499.99 does seem like al likely price for the console given the amount of high-end technology that is packed into it.

The screenshot shows the price of 499.99 Euros as the price for the Disc version of the console. The Digital Edition should be a bit cheaper.

The live page also has the PlayStation 5 accessories listed, but there is no price or release date shown for these either.

With the Amazon France PS5 listing still live, this could be a good indication that Sony will reveal the true price of the PS5 editions soon. This will no doubt kick off a pre-order frenzy as PlayStation Fans scramble to make sure they get  PS5 on launch day.