Rumour: Amazon To Make ‘Massive’ Amount of PS5 Stock Available This Week

The hunt for PS5 consoles continues

Amazon has taken delivery of a massive amount of PS5 stock over the weekend according to Birmingham Live. That means that Amazon could make an even larger amount of PS5 consoles available for sale than usual.

The Birmingham Live article thinks this means that the much sought after PlayStation 5 consoles could go on sale around the middle of this coming week. That would be either Wednesday 31st of March or Thursday 1st April.

However, if Amazon has indeed taken delivery of PS5 stock over this weekend, I could see amazon putting the coveted consoles up for sale as early as tomorrow morning (Monday 29th March.)

In the past, Amazon UK has put PS5 stock on sale early in the morning. usually at 9 am but sometimes as early as 8 am.

PS5 consoles may be re-stocked at Amazon this week

Tips for Snagging a PS5 from Amazon

PS5 consoles are still in very high demand, so you’ll be competing against thousands of other customers and the hated scalper bots to get one added to your basket and purchased. It really will be the fastest finger first.

There are however some things you can do to give yourself an edge in the race to buy a PS5. These tips also apply to other retailers and not just Amazon.

  • Make sure you are signed in to your Amazon (or another retailer) account and that you’re payment & delivery info is up-to-date. You don’t want to miss out because you forgot your password, mistyped it or get to the checkout and realise your card on file expired three months ago. Or forget that you moved house last month and it’s your old address that the retailer has. Make sure you are logged in and payment/delivery info is correct and up-to-date.
  • Follow PS5 Stock Alert Twitter accounts and turn on notifications. There are tons of PS5 stock accounts on Twitter. Too many to list here. Just search for “PS5 stock UK” on Twitter and you will find a plethora of accounts to follow. Once you have followed them, make sure to tap the notification icon. Some of these guys are pretty good at Tweeting when stock is available so they are well worth following.
  • Check The stock informer website is updated whenever PS5 stock becomes available at a retailer, so it is worth checking there regularly. You can also sign up for push notifications.
  • Check’s Amazon widget for PS5 stock. If you’re floating about this website, you might as well check PS5 stock on the handy search widget. The widget is on the right → if you are on a desktop or down below ↓ this article if you are on mobile. Simply type in “PS5 Console.” If no console appears in the list, then it means no PS5’s are available on Amazon from Amazon itself or third-party sellers.

Good luck with getting a PS5!

Will other retailers be selling PS5’s this week?

If you don’t manage to get a PS5 from Amazon, don’t worry. PS5 stock tracker Twitter accounts are also saying that retailers such as Very, John Lewis, Argos and Game are also getting stock in by the middle of the week or end of the week.

Just make sure you sign up for an account at these retailers and follow the tips above.