Amazon UK Now Has PS5 Console and Accessories Listed

Could a PS5 Price reveal bne imminent?

PS5 accessory prices revealed now available on Amazon UK

Earlier today I posted that Amazon France had a listings page up for PS5. At the time of writing that article, the UK Amazon website did not have any listing for PS5 Console at all. That has now changed.

I thought I would do a quick search on to see if they had decided to publish a PS5 listing yet, to my surprise they had.

There are now listings pages for the two PS5 console editions and PS5 accessories on Amazon UK.

Amazon UK PS5 listing page
The listings page on currently shows the PS5 as unavailable.

Just like the Amazon France page, the UK Amazon listing shows the PS5 as being unavaialble and no price or release date is shown.

On the UK site, the PS5 4k UHD Blu-Ray disc Edition has an ASIN number of B08B4G9HH2, while the Digital Edition has an ASIN number of B08B4HCGVV.

The UK Amazon page also lists the PS5’s accessories including the DualSense controller(ASIN: B08B4GB6XX), DualSense Charging Station(ASIN: B08B4GC55Z), HD Camera(B08B4G3LV2), Media Remote(ASIN: B08B4JJ8PD) and the Pulse 3D headset(ASIN: B08B4J2C3B).

The UK Amazon page for the PS5 and accessories only lists the ASAIN number under the product details and doesn’t provide any further product details at this time.

Unsurprisingly, there is no button to pre-order the PS5 console yet but you can add it to your list.

PS5 Console price and pre-orders incoming?

With the UK being a major market for Sony, particularly for PlayStation with just under 7 million PS4 sold in the UK. And now with Amazon UK publishing a PS5 listing, it would seem that a price reveal could be on it’s way very soon.

I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at when Sony might finally let us know how much of our hard-earned cash the PS5 will cost. But, with the listing page up it would be a safe bet to say that Sony will drop the price fairly soon.

With the UK still recovering from the Lockdown due to Covid-19, which has affected the earnings of millions of people through either being furloughed or job losses. Releasing the price for the PS5 sooner rather than later could be a smart move for Sony.

With the release of the console and Christmas only about 5 and 6 months away. An earlier price reveal would allow people to budget and save for the console if they are planning to buy it on day one or soon after.

When Sony does reveal the price of the PS5, this will start off a pre-order frenzy with everyone rushing to get their pre-orders in for a  guaranteed launch day delivery. Sony has already stated that it plans to have a limited PlayStation 5 production output during the first year. So if you want to get your PS5 pre-order in before they become hard to come by or sold out completely, start registering your interest with online and high street retailers if you haven’t done so already. And make sure to have your finger on the pre-order button as soon as Sony reveals the price.