UPDATED: Amazon UK PS5 Pre-Orders SOLD OUT Now

Get in quick.

If you’re like me, you’re probably desperate to get your PS5 pre-ordered. You might also want to go to Amazon UK for your PS5 pre-orders. After all, they are a massive retailer and are bound to have lots of stock.

You most likely went straight to Amazon after the PS5 Showcase and wondered why the PlayStation 5 listings were still unavailable.

However, if you registered your interest in PS5 at Amazon UK, you’ve possibly got an email recently telling you when their pre-orders will go live. If not, don’t worry, because I’ll tell you anyway.

Amazon UK PS5 pre-orders

When are Amazon UK PS5 pre-orders available?

Amazon UK’s PS5 pre-orders will be available later today, Thursday 17th September after 9 AM BST.

UPDATE: PS5 disc version is available. Accessories will be available throughout the day. PS5 Digital Edition.

UPDATE 2: Looks like Amazon UK PS5 pre-orders have sold out now but they may add more stock later during the pre-order period, so keep checking.

If you are from the UK and you’re reading this right now, what are you doing? It’s 2.30 AM. Get to bed and set your alarm for just before 9. Get up and get your PS5 pre-order in.

Both PlayStation 5 consoles are priced very reasonable, here’s a reminder.

PS5 Console with 4K UHD Disc Drive – £449.99

PS5 Digital Edition – £359.99

Don’t forget to check out the PS5 games you can also pre-order from Amazon. And here’s the list of first-party PS5 launch games from SIE World Wide Studios.

Oh, and here;’s what the PS5 retail boxes look like, just so you know how they’ll look when Amazon delivers them.

Good luck to everyone with your pre-orders, hopefully, no one misses out.