Arcstrider subclass to be shown at E3 and other Destiny 2 E3 news

Bungie will be showing off the Arcstrider subclass at E3, there will also be a D2 panel and more info on the Destiny 2 Beta.

Destiny 2 Arcstrider hunter subclass

With E3 just around the corner some details have been emerging over the past week or so about what we might see with regards to Destiny 2.

Activision has confirmed that the new Hunter Arcstrider subclass will showcase at E3 and that attendees will be able to get some hands on time with it.

The Arcstrider Hunter subclass allows the player to summon and wield an Arc-empowered staff for close quarters melee combat. It was very briefly shown at the Destiny 2 reveal in May but this will be the first time that it will be playable.

It has been hinted that we will see and hear more about the new titan Sentinal subclass sometime closer to the games launch. You can watch the short clip of the Arcstrider super in action below.

Destiny 2 panel at E3

There will also be a Destiny 2 panel at E3 hosted by WWE wrestler Big Show, who is apparently a fan of the game. Big Show will be in conversation with Bungie CEO Pete Parsons. The panel will take place on June 13th.

Destiny 2 Open Beta info

Activision has also hinted that there will be more information regarding the Destiny 2 Beta at this years E3, telling us to “look for announcements about the Destiny 2 Open Beta during E3.”

Perhaps we will get a date for the Beta. What I want to know though is when will the early access Beta start for those of us who have pre-ordered.

Stay tuned to for more Destiny 2 related info.