Asia PlayStation Plus Upgrade Pricing Issue Was a “Technical Error”

Asia PS Plus upgrade pricing is now fixed, affected users will get a credit

All new PlayStation Plus banner on PlayStation Store

The all-new PlayStation Plus service rolled out to Asian territories on Monday 23rd May and seemingly got off to a rocky start. There weren’t any server issues or anything like that though but fans were reporting that they had to essentially “pay back” any previous PS Plus discounts in order to upgrade to a higher tier.

The gist of the situation was that if you had previously bought a PS Plus subscription at a discount, say 33% off, then your upgrade price to the new Extra or Premium (called Deluxe in Asia) would be 33% higher.

This problem was reported on by many news outlets and naturally caused outrage and backlash amongst PlayStation Fans. Many fans wondered if Sony had completely lost the plot. For a while, it was not looking good for Sony as a support email even seemed to confirm that this indeed was the case when trying to upgrade.

PlayStation users were rightly pissed at this news with many calling Sony “anti-consumer.” The list of highly critical and angry comments was growing by the minute.

“Technical Error”

The outrage and backlash caused by these PlayStation Plus upgrade pricing were alleviated following a tweet by the official Ask PlayStation Twitter account. In the tweet, PlayStation stated that the incorrect pricing was due to a “technical error” and that affected customers would receive a credit.

The tweet also stated that the error has been fixed. Fans have since reported that the error is indeed fixed and upgrade pricing seems to have returned to what it should be.

Whether this PS Plus upgrade pricing was indeed a “technical error” or Sony was, as many have fans have claimed, “testing the waters” we will probably never know. But the issue now seems to be resolved. Whether it was a genuine error or Sony saw that this would not bode well for them and quickly changed it will remain a mystery.

The new PlayStation Plus service will roll out to the UK and Europe on June 22nd.