Assassin’s Creed Origins Photo Mode is Really Fun

Snap some amazing photos from this stunning game using photo mode

Assassin's Creed Origins Photo Mode is really fun

Assassin’s Creed Origins is an amazingly beautiful game. The setting of Ancient Egypt with its stone monuments and rolling golden deserts make for some stunning, amazing screenshots.

It is not immediately apparent how to activate Assassin’s Creed Origin’s photo mode, there is nothing in the menus except for the option to turn photo mode on or off but nothing that let’s you actually enter photo mode.

Luckily after much button mashing I realised that entering photo mode in Assassin’s Creed Origins is easy, just press L3 and R3 together at the same time and hey presto! up comes photo mode.

Photo mode is simple to use, the d-pad offsets the camera, the right stick rotates the camera, L1 and R1 will zoom in or out and L3 will auto-focus the camera. There is also 17 filters available to make your screenshots more interesting.

Assassin's Creed Origins my photos
Photos you take in Assassin’s Creed Origins are added to your map

Once you have taken a photo by pressing X, the game will save the photo. Photos are added to the map and are also saved locally to your PS4 in the Capture Gallery. A selection of other players photos are also shown on the map, you can press up on the d-pad to show only your photos. You can also rate other people’s photos.

Photo Mode in Assassin’s Creed Origins is really, really fun and as you only have to press L3 and R3 to access it quickly it can make for some really cool action shots.

Check out some of my photos below. Happy snapping!

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