Assassin’s Creed Origins: In Plain Sight Papyrus Puzzle Solution

A guide to help you solve the In Plain Sight Papyrus Puzzle

Assassin's Creed Origins in plain sight papyrus guide

Welcome to another Assassin’s Creed Origins papyrus puzzle guide and solution. This post will take a look at the solution to the In Plain SIght papyrus puzzle and help you find that sweet hidden treasure.

The hidden papyrus scroll for In Plain Sight can be found in the Temple of Apries in Memphis. Go to the northern part of the temple and locate the central room which has a rectangular pool and Tiger skin rug in it. The hidden papyrus is on top of a book shelf thing with scrolls in it.

The cryptic clue for In Plain Sight reads: “On an island south-east of Krokodilopolis there is a river with unnatural colour. Nearby you’ll see the cause, and I’ll be inside the only one that’s unique.”

So, we know we need to head to an island that it is south-east of Krokodilopolis. open up your map and fast travel to Krokodilopolis which is in Faiyum Oasis. The island you need to go to is the eastern most island, where you can pick up the jaws of Sobek quest.

Once you get to the island find the river that looks  like it has some kind of red dye colouring the water. If you follow the river you will see walled off areas with more dyed water in them, I guess these are like vats or something.

Use Senu and look for the one which has two red pools of water, this is the one that is most unique. The treasure is inside the rectangle with the uncoloured water in it. Take a look at the screenshots below to help you out.

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