Assassin’s Creed Origins: Nature’s Way Papyrus Puzzle Solution

We will solve this papyrus puzzle, it’s nature’s way

Assassins Creed Origins Natures Way papyrus guide

Heres another papyrus puzzle guide for you, this time we are solving Nature’s Way. I’ll guide you to the location of the hidden papyrus and to the much sought after lovely jubbly loot.

The Nature’s Way hidden papyrus can be found at the Great Synagogue in Alexandria. The Great Synagogue is to the east of Alexandria. The hidden papyrus is located in an outside courtyard, on a small square table behind a white plant pot.

The cryptic clue for Nature’s Way reads: “In the east section of the Kanopos Nome is a ravaged land, where many trees fell and lost their home. I’m by the orphan tree whose parents fell down nearby, pointing towards their lonely daughter.”

The clue is a bit vague as there is quite a bit of land on the east of Kanopos Nome but at least we have a rough idea of where to go so head to Kanopos Nome.

On the far east side of Kanopos Nome you will notice a large island, this is where we need to go to find the treasure. Travel to this island and you will see that it is a large deforested area with trees down everywhere. Head slightly south-east and you should see a large palm tree that has fallen, you can also use Senu to help find it.

Follow the direction the palm tree is pointing to and you will see a smaller palm tree in front of it, the treasure is in front of this smaller palm tree.

Hopefully you’ll get something good from this treasure trove. I got a 93 quality legendary shield called Phalangite Shield. Nice.

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