Assassin’s Creed Origins: Sea of Sand Papyrus Puzzle Solution

Another Assassin’s Creed Origins Papyrus Puzzle guide

Assassin's Creed Origins Sea of Sand Papyrus Puzzle solution

Welcome to another Assassin’s Creed Origins papyrus puzzle guide. Today we are solving the Sea of Sand Papyrus puzzle.

The Sea of Sand hidden Papyrus can be found in the Temple of Horus in Sapi-Res Nome. The hidden papyrus is located next to one of the big cat thing statues in the main part of the temple.

The cryptic clue for the Sea of Sand papyrus puzzle reads: “In South East of Iment Nome lies a broken ship. Pass time till morning, an X will mark my hiding spot.”

The first part of the clue is fairly straight forward, head to the south east part of Iment Nome and look for a broken ship. The broken ship is half buried in the sand. The ship is actually a fast travel point (top of the mast), if you have this point synchronised then it will be fairly easy to find, if not, you’ve got a bit of exploring to do.

Once you have located the broken ship you now need to wait until morning if you have the ability unlocks which allows you to speed up time then this is a walk in the park, if you don’t then you’ll need to wait until morning or come back to this once you have the ability.

Once morning has arrived you need to look for the X, the X is in this case is the shadow the sips mast casts on the sand. You can use Senu to get a bird’s eye view here to help you spot the shadow. Once you’ve spotted the X head to that location and you should find your treasure.