Assassin’s Creed Origins The Hidden Ones: Good Things Come Papyrus Puzzle Solution

This one might take some time

Assassin's Creed Origins The Hidden Ones good things come papyrus puzzle solution

Papyrus Puzzles are great fun to solve and will net you some very nice loot indeed. In this post we’ll be solving the Good Things Come papyrus puzzle.

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The Good Things Come hidden papyrus can be found in the Temple of Thoth in Arsinoe. Head in to the Temple of Thoth and head to the southwestern corner of the temple. The hidden papyrus is sitting on top of a  shelf/bookcase which is in front of a table with scrolls on it.

The cryptic clue for Good Things Come reads “In Arsinoe, an obelisk tells time. His midday shadow points to me, where starfish lay.”

Check out the video for the solution to the Good Things Come papyrus puzzle or read on for the text and image guide.


From the cryptic clue we know we need to find an obelisk that tells time and that the treasure is mostly in water.

The obelisk we need to find is not to be confused with the obelisk which is at the Temple of Thoth, the obelisk we’re looking for is actually a sundial obelisk. It just so happens that there is a sundial obelisk in the northern part of Arsinoe.

Once you get to the sundial obelisk you will likely have to wait a bit as we need the shadow to be pointing to midday. As it’s pretty impossible to tell when midday is in the game, we need to take a guess and say when the shadow is pointing directly north then it will be midday.

You can use the Dawn and Dusk perk to speed up time a bit if you like, but you will most likely still have to wait a while. Climb on to the top of the obelisk and wait for the shadow to be pointing directly north. The shadow will point through the northern gate of the walled space the sundial sites in.

Once the sundial’s shadow is pointing north, take a leap of faith off of the obelisk. You should unlock the What Time Is It? trophy for doing this so we’re killing two birds with one stone here.

Now just run in a straight line north until you reach the shore. The hidden treasure will be in the water just near the shore.

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