Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones Stealthy Shrub Papyrus Puzzle Solution

The first papyrus puzzle in The Hidden Ones is rather stealthy

Stealthy Shrub papyrus puzzle solution

I’m absolutely loving The Hidden Ones, I’ve done a few quests already and I’m having a blast, the new region is pretty great. I was ecstatic when I came across my first hidden papyrus puzzle, I wasn’t sure there was going to be any in The Hidden Ones.

Here’s the location of and solution to one of the first hidden papyrus puzzles you will come across in The Hidden Ones expansion. Take a look at the video below for the locations or read on for the text guide.


The Stealthy Shrub hidden papyrus is located under The Old Watchtower in Paratiritirio in Klysma Nome. There is a main quest located at the watchtower so you will come across this papyrus puzzle when going to that quest.

Once you are at The Old Watchtower, use Senu to locate the hidden papyrus icon, the hidden papyrus is underground in a room under the watchtower.

Enter The Old Watchtower from the ground level and you will see a wooden hatch surrounded by three vases. Simply drop your torch on the hatch to burn it away then drop down into the room below.

The hidden papyrus puzzle is located on a table in the back right corner of the room.

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The cryptic clue for Stealthy Shrub reads:

“On the east side of Walls-of-the-Ruler you can find me under a bushy tree who grows alone on a cliff. It’s hard to see us from within the camp, since a tower hides us from prying eyes.”

From the cryptic clue we know that the treasure is hidden under a bushy tree on the east side of Walls-of-the-Ruler. There is a quest called The Walls of the Ruler, you where probably on your way to start it when you came across this hidden papyrus puzzle.

Walls of the Ruler is a Roman Camp near the Old Watchtower, where you found the hidden papyrus puzzle. Locating the “bushy tree” took a few minutes to find using Senu as there is a few trees that could fit the bill.

The key is the tower that hides it from view. From the Old Watchtower, jump down the back of the camp and make sure you’re facing east. The tower mentioned is at the far east side of the Walls of the Ruler camp. make your way over to the large wall that leads to the tower, climb up and head towards the tower. The bushy tree and the hidden treasure is located behind this tower, simply drop down from the tower and you should be at the tree.

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You should get a nice reward from looting this treasure, I got a 95 quality light bow called Composite Bow.

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