Assassin’s Creed Origins The Hidden Ones: Tool of Apis Papyrus Puzzle Solution

Find this hidden treasure on the west coast of Arsinoe.

Welcome to my second Papyrus Puzzle solution in The Hidden Ones expansion for Assassin’s Creed Origins. 

The Tool of Apis hidden papyrus can be found at the Temple of Ba’al in Arsinoe, Arsinoe Nome.

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Once you are at the Temple of Ba’al, head to the northern part of the tempke and look for a tall wooden structure that looks like a scaffolding or something. Climb this wooden structure and you will find the hidden papyrus puzzle on a platform near the top.

The Tool of Apis cryptic clue reads: “In Southwestern Arsinoe you can find a giant’s bull-powered fishing rod. Right in front of it are four wet posts, with me at their center.”

Watch the solution video below or read on for the text guide.


From the cryptic clue we can surmise that the treasure is probably located somewhere on the coast and indeed the coast is south-west of Arsinoe.

Head out of the temple of Ba’al in a south-western direction until you reach the western coast. If you continue down the coast you will notice a couple of fishing net things in the water. Head down the coast past them and you will come to a pier which has a large contraption with a large wheel thing. This is the bull-powered fishing rod.

If you are having trouble locating the area, look on your map and look for a military camp called Faucibus Amenmesse, the hidden treasure is pretty much directly west of that camp.

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From where you are look out towards the water and you should notice four posts submerged in the water. These are the “four wet posts”. Dive into the water and swim to the center of these four posts and you will find the hidden treasure. Now loot the treasure and get yourself an awesome prize, which will most likely be a legendary weapon.

Feel free to watch the Tool of Apis papyrus puzzle solution video if you’re not sure of anything.

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