Assassin’s Creed Origins: Trial of Anubis Guide

Trials of the Gods has returned to Assassin’s Creed Origins. here’s my guide for defeating Anubis.

Trial of Anubis guide

Trials of the Gods has returned to Assassin’s Creed Origins in January. This time around we have to face off against Anubis, a huge, fearsome Egyptian God who was the God of embalming and the dead. Anubis is a man with the head of a Jackal and he looks pretty mean.

The Anubis fight isn’t particularly difficult but if you’ve never attempted any of the Trials of the Gods before it might take you a couple of tries before defeating him. In this guide I will go over best weapon selection and what you can expect during the Trial of Anubis battle.

Take a look at my video below which was from the last time the Trials of the Gods was on during December to get an idea of what the fight entails.


Weapon Loadout

Choosing the correct ranged weapons (bows) and melee weapons (swords, etc) is key to defeating any of the Gods without much of a fuss.

For ranged weapons you’re going to want your main bow, for example a hunter bow which has good range and accuracy, to have a ranged hit multiplier. For your secondary bow, for example a warrior bow which will deal extra damage, you’re going to want to have one which has health on hit.

For melee weapons like swords and maces you’re going to want something which has health on kill and something which has health on hit. I much prefer using a sword as my primary melee weapon but if you prefer using another type then that’s up to you. Use whatever you feel comfortable with but it should have some sort of health regen perk.

Heres my weapon loadout I have used in all the Trials of the Gods.

  • Ash Bow – Legendary Hunter Bow – Ranged Hit Multiplier
  • The Fourth Plague – Legendary Warrior Bow – Health on Hit
  • Conductor of Souls – Legendary regular Sword – Health on Kill
  • Copper Mace – Legendary Heavy Blunt – Health on Hit
  • Any Legendary shield, I don’t think the shield matters too much for Anubis.
Trial of Anubis

The main way to defeat Anubis is to hit the glowing target on his chest with your arrows, Anubis’ health will also reduce every time you kill one of the enemies that Anubis unleashes upon you in the later waves.

The Trial of the Gods’s fights take place in a big circle, I would say it makes it a bit easier to stay closer to the outer edge of the circle of the middle as it will help with spotting any obstacles or things you have to dodge a bit earlier. You should only venture closer to Anubis when picking up ammo.

As soon as you start the fight, fire some arrows into Anubis’ glowing target on his chest, don’t focus too much on getting his health down though as he will unleash things like walls of smoke that you have to dodge and your solely focusing on shooting at him you might notice the things you have to dodge.

During the entire fight you should also be keeping an eye out for the ammo pickups that will spawn as you will run out of arrows fairly quickly. You should also use your health on hit bow whenever you find your health getting a bit low.

The first thing Anubis will throw at you is some Hyenas (or maybe there Jackals, I’m not sure), these are like shadow or spirit Hyenas or something. The best way to tackle them is to just dodge out of their way.

Anubis will also throw out walls of smoke, if you get caught in these it can drain your health a bit. If you stay near the outer edge of the circle they shouldn’t be too hard to dodge or run away from. You’ll notice a red glowing path where the smoke wall will travel along.

Once you have gotten Anubis’ health down a bit, the next wave will be some enemy soldiers that you have to deal with. These guys can surround you pretty fast, I would recommend using your overpower attack if you’re getting surrounded but they are not too difficult to doge and take down.

During this wave and subsequent waves, Anubis will also spawn what looks like red circles with black smoke in them, you should definitely stay out of these as they will drain your health if you accidentally step into them.

During each wave there will be more shadow Hyenas/Jackals to dodge as well as more smoke walls.

Once you have Anubis’ health down even more there will be another wave of enemy soldiers, this time there wall also be the shadow Hyenas/Jackals that you have to dodge as well as trying to kill the soldiers. This is where the health on hit or health on kill melee weapons can come in really handy.

Anubis will also start spawning these circle fence things, they will also trap in enemy soldiers giving you a reduced space to fight in and there will also be the red smoke circles spawning in them as well. You can break out of these though with 2 or 3 hits from your sword.

The final wave will be actual Hyenas or Jackals that you need to kill. As with the soldier waves these things can surround you pretty quickly and rip away your health in seconds. Use your over power attack and dodge to its full advantage and kill these things as quick as you can. If you’re a bit low on health after this, remember to use your health on hit bow to get some health back.

Anubis’ health should be pretty low by now and you should be close to defeating him. The last part of the fight will be dodging some more of the shadow Hyenas and dealing as much damage as possible to Anubis.

And that’s pretty much it. You should have successfully defeated the God and gotten yourself some nice rewards. You should get the Dark Side of the Moon outfit and the Scales of Truth Warrior Bow for defeating Anubis.

The next Trials of the Gods will be Sobek, and that will be available from January 23rd – 30th.