Assassin’s Creed Origins Update to Bring New Challenges And More

December update will also bring new difficulty settings and a Horde mode

Assassin's Creed Origins update new content December 2017

Assassin’s Creed Origins will be getting some exciting new updates this month. Ubisoft posted an article yesterday which detailed what these updates are and they are very exciting indeed.

The update, due to be released sometime this month (December) will bring more content and increased challenges. The increased challenges will be int he form of a new difficulty level called Nightmare mode where enemies will be more resilient to damage and will be more dangerous.

There will also be an enemy scaling option implemented which means lower level enemies will scale to your current level. This will bring extra challenge if you are at a high level and are visiting lower level areas to finish off any side quests.

New quests

As well as increased challenges from the new difficulty mode and enemy scaling option, Assassin’s Creed Origins will also be getting two new quests in this December update.

The first new quest will be to introduce you to a new Horde mode which will take place in the Cyrene gladiator arena where you can fight off endless waves of enemies, sound pretty awesome. This new quest will be called Here Comes a New Challenger and it recommended to be level 32 or higher.

There will also be a surprise quest. Ubisoft haven’t let slip any details of this mystery quest but they have teased it with an animated gif of what appears to be some new feathered armour perhaps.

Trials of the Gods

This month players will also be able to face the last of the trio of Gods, Sekhmet, a powerful warrior Goddess. Sekhmet won’t be the only God you get to face this month though, if like me you’ve not been able to beat the previous two Trials of the Gods, you will get your chance this month as all three Gods will be available to confront.

This update sounds really, really good. I’ve finished the main campaign and all I have left to do is complete all locations for the Old Habits trophy and the platinum and then finish off some side quests. This update will give me an excuse to keep playing Assassin’s Creed Origins.