Assassin’s Creed Origins: Wet Work Papyrus Puzzle Solution

Solving this papyrus puzzle is wet work

Assassin's Creed Origins Wet Work papyrus puzzle guide

Papyrus, a material similar to thick paper, written on this papyrus is a cryptic clue or puzzle that Bayek of Siwa must solve in order to find hidden treasure. Today Bayek has solved the Wet Work papyrus puzzle and he shares his solution with you in this post.

The Wet Work hidden papyrus can be found inside the Oracle of Apollo, a temple carved into a mountain in the Green Mountain region. There is a fast travel point at Oracle of Apollo, so use that if you have it unlocked. Once you’re at the Oracle of Apollo, head through the main entrance in the side of the mountain, it is large entrance with pillars on either side, head down the stairs and to your right. The hidden papyrus can be found lying on the ground next to a wooden crate.

The cryptic clue for the Wet Work papyrus reads: “In the Green Mountains where they’re building a great aqueduct, go find its source high up in the mountains. Inside, you can find me sitting at the bottom of the lowest pool, tucked away beside two large jars.”

From the first part of the clue we know we need to find an under construction aqueduct somewhere in Green Mountains. You’ve probably already seen this aqueduct if you’ve been playing the game for a while. The aqueduct is called Aqaeductus Kyrenaike and it located in the middle-west part of Green Mountains.

There is a fast travel point if you have it synchronised. Once you are at the aqueduct fast travel point, head in a north-west direction along the top of the aqueduct. Keep following the aqueduct and eventually you will come to what looks like a cave opening, this is the “source high up  in the mountains.”

Enter the cave opening and head downward and you will see a pool of water, this is the “lowest pool.” Jump into this pool of water and dive under, swim to your left and you will come across the “two large jars” mentioned in the clue. The treasure is next to these two large jars.

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