Astro’s Playroom Has 46 Trophies Including A Platinum

Will Astro’s Playroom be your first PS5 platinum trophy?

Astro's Playroom trophy list 46 trophies including a platinum

We’ve already seen a few Astro’s Playroom trophies from some of the press sites and YouTubers who were lucky enough to get a PS5. Now the entire trophy list for the pre-installed on your PS5 game has dropped, and it has got a pretty decent amount of trophies including a platinum.

Could Astro’s Playroom be your first PS5 platinum trophy? Let’s take a look at the trophy list.

Astro’s Playroom Trophies

In total, Astro’s Playroom has 43 trophies in the base game (26 Bronze, 13 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum) and another 3 trophies that are seperate from the base game (2 gold, 1 Bronze.) Making for a total of 46 trophies.

  • You’ve Only Done Everything – Found all trophies in ASTRO’s PLAYROOM. See you in our next adventure! – Platinum
  • Do it! – Cleared Memory Meadow. – Silver
  • Emotion Engine! – Cleared SSD Speedway – Silver
  • HD graphics! – Cleared Cooling Springs – Silver
  • Greatness Awaits! – Cleared GPU Jungle – Silver
  • In Mint Condition – Got your first artefact! – Bronze
  • Such a Big Fan! – Get all artefacts in Cooling Springs – Silver
  • Charted! – Get all artefacts in GPU Jungle – Silver
  • Welcome to the Third Place – Get all artefacts in SSD Speedway – Silver
  • … And Conquered Worlds – Got all artefacts in Memory Meadow –  Silver
  • Dude Raider! – Collected all artefacts in the 4 main stages and the PS Labo. Wow!  – Gold
  • One Down, Lots More to Go! – Get your first puzzle piece – Bronze
  • Cool Hoarder – Got all puzzle pieces in Cooling Springs – Silver
  • The Found Legacy – Got all puzzle pieces in GPU Jungle – Silver
  • Omega Booster! – Got all puzzle pieces in SSD Speedway – Silver
  • Ico-nic – Got all puzzle pieces in Memory Meadow – Silver
  • A Grand Tour! – Got all puzzle pieces in the game. Way to go! – Gold
  • Gatcha Beginner – Get your first Gatcha prize – Bronze
  • For the Players! – Got a secret gatcha – Bronze
  • Gatcha Maniac – Got half the gatcha prizes – Silver
  • Saru Gatcha! – Got all gatcha prizes – Gold
  • Project Neo – Sent 10 bots flying with a single spin attack – Bronze
  • The Last Guy – Walked around with at least 20 bots following you in CPU Plaza – Bronze
  • This Way Up – Punched the PS Logo on the PS2 in PlayStation Labo – Bronze
  • You Got a Trophy! – Picked up a trophy in PlayStation Labo – Bronze
  • I Recognise You… – Punched and looked into the lens of PS VR in PlayStation Labo – Bronze
  • The Very Far Point… – Stood on the tip of the Aim Controller in PlayStation Labo – Bronze
  • Honey, I’m Home! – Walked under the PlayStation Home icon in PlayStation Labo – Bronze
  • Disc Swap! – Opened the lid of the PlayStation console in PlayStation Labo – Bronze
  • Keepy Uppies – Juggled a ball 5 times with the Frog Suit – Bronze
  • Hell Diver – Dived into the water from the diving board – Bronze
  • Jumping Splash! – Jumped in the fountain near the final goal in Cooling Springs – Bronze
  • Twisting Metal – Jumped 3 times during a spin attack on ice – Bronze
  • Jason! – Sheltered from the heavy rain in Memory Meadow – Bronze
  • Pain! – Got hit by flying rubbish in Memory Meadow – Bronze
  • Wipeout! – Got a strike in Memory Meadow – Bronze
  • Ready for the Proving – Deflected a Spitter’s attack with an arrow – Bronze
  • Little Rolling Star… – Made a huge snowball – Bronze
  • No No No Noooooo! – Fell 30 meters and caught yourself in the monkey suit in GPU Jungle – Bronze
  • Adequate, Boy… – Hit all rabbits with arrows at the mountain peak of GPU Jungle – Bronze
  • Wild Arms – Performed a spin while shooting the machine gun – Bronze
  • It’s All in the Mind – Beat 3 enemies quickly by punching them – Bronze
  • Super Computer – Revealed a former logo in PlayStation Labo – Bronze

DLC Trophy Pack 1

  • Play Has No Limits! – Cleared the game and got the New Generation artefacts. – Gold
  • Run Astro Run! – Got a total Speed Run time of 7 minutes or under – Gold
  • Gravity Daze! – Made the CPU Chip punch the glass sphere, sending at least 10 Bots flying – Bronze

Nothing terribly difficult in the Astro’s Playroom trophy list by the looks of itm so should be a failry straight foirward platinum. The only trophy that might be tricky or skill dependent is the speedrun trophy Run Astro Run! which is in a seperate list and therefore not required for the platinum.

Source: PSN Profiles