Bethesda Release Rage 2 Goon Squad Artwork

Goon Squad chick looks insane

Rage 2 looks like it will be all the rage when it’s released, going by the gameplay trailer it looks like a pretty awesome game with some hardcore first-person-shooter combat as well as some pretty slick-looking vehicular combat.

 To get is all in a rage, Bethesda released some new artwork from Rage 2 today, well one image actually. The release was titled Goon Squad artwork and as well as a PNG image Bethesda also released the artwork in PSD format for Photoshop.

The Goon Squad artwork features the same crazed looking chick form the offical Rage 2 boxart and according to the PSD layer name she’s called Mohawk Girl.

The PSD file also has two lines of text that are set as invisible, a line with the text “The Goon Squad” overlapping the Rage 2 logo and a line that says “Insanity Rules.”

RAGE 2 Goon Squad hidden text PSD

So who or what exactly is the Goon Squad? A quick visit to the Rage wiki page tells us that ‘Goon Squad’ or just ‘Goons’ are a prominent bandit clan featured in Rage 2 advertising, although I would imagine they will also appear in game. Maybe the insane looking Mohawk Girl will also appear in game, I wonder if she’ll have a different name rather than just Mohawk Girl.

If the gameplay trailer is anything to go by Rage 2 is shaping up to be one hell of a game with what sounds like a gritty post apocolyptic setting and a huge open world to cause mayhem in and some terrifying sounding enemies to enoucter and take out all your rage on.

According to the official game marketing blurb the game will be a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything and explode everything. Sounds pretty neat. I just hope it has a really good solo campaign and any multiplayer would just be an added bonus.

There should be more on Rage 2 from Bethesda at E3 2018, I be keeping my eyes pealed for some new gameplay footage and any new info that comes out.

Theres no word yet on when Rage 2 might be released but you can already pre-order the game from and other places. Theres also some nice pre-order bonuses as well, including the Settler Pistol, a pre-order mission, armour and a monster truck.

Bethesda official game website