Blue Box Game Studios’ Hasan Kahraman Posts Video In Response to Silent Hill Rumours

Hasan Kahraman is real, is not associated with Kojima and is not working on Silent Hill

Hasan Kahraman of Blue Box Game Studios is not Hideo Kojima

There have been rumors and conspiracy theories abound lately regarding the upcoming PS5 exclusive Horror Survival game Abandoned. The conspiracy theory revolves around Abandoned actually being a Silent Hill game or reboot of the game. And that famous game designer Hideo Kojima is actually behind the project.

The conspiracy has gotten so out of hand recently that it even has it’s own Subreddit devoted to it.

Now Game Director for Blue Box Game Studios, Hasan Kahraman – who people thought might have actually been a pseudonym used by Kojima – has posted a video to Twitter to show that he is actually a real person.

If you haven’t been following the Blue Box Game Studios/Abandoned conspiracy theories online, you may remember Kahraman from the original PlayStation Blog post announcing the game.

The reason why people thought that Hasan Kharaman might actually be a pseudonym of Hideo Kojima is that ‘Hideo’ translates from Japanese to Turkish as ‘Kahraman.’ And they both have the same initials. H.K.

Hideo Kojima is not Hasan Kahraman of Blue Box Game Studios
Hideo Kojima is not Hasan Kahraman

The translation only works if you translate ‘Hideo’ from Japanese to Turkish using Latin characters. Both Hideo and Kahraman translate to hero in English. Hence the reason Hideo translates to Kahraman.

Blue Box /Silent Hill Conspiracy – Hasan Kahraman is NOT Hideo Kojima

I’m not really associated with Hideo Kojima, I’m not an actor, not working on SIlent Hill

In his video, Kahraman explains that he wanted to show himself to show that he was a real person. He further explains that he is not associated with Hideo Kojima, is not an actor nor is he working on Silent Hill.

Essentially, Kahraman just wanted to show his face to prove he was real. And not part of some ARG created by Hideo Kojima to promote a Silent Hill reboot.

Kahraman says that he will do a Q & A soon (about Abandoned.)

So there you go folks, hopefully, this will put these crazy conspiracies to rest. It probably won’t because, you know, the internet but at least we now have a face to go with the name Hasan Kahraman.

Blue Box Game Studios are due to launch their PS5 trailer app for their upcoming PS5 exclusive game ‘Abandoned’ on June 25th.