Classic Shooter Turrican Returns In 4 Game Flashback Pack Heading to PS4

A classic blast from the past heads to PS4 on January 29th

Turrican FLashback haeds to PS4 on January 29th

One of my favourite games from my childhood is coming to PS4 and will be launching with both a physical and digital edition. The classic shooter from the early 90s, Turrican will launch on 29th January in a 4 game pack called Turrican Flashback.

Turrican Flashback is a collection of 4 of Retro Gaming’s finest moments. The 4 Turrican games: Turrican, Turrican II: The Final Fight, Mega Turrican and Super Turrican feature reworked modern controls making the classic run and gun games a joy to pick up and play.

The 4 Turrican games will also feature improved visuals and sound making the classic run and gun games look and sound better than ever. The games will also feature new filters and dynamic onscreen elements, meaning you can go full retro if you want to. Or, enjoy the games in widescreen with reduced HUD elements.

Turrican Flashback features 4 games with huge levels, non-stop action and insane boss fights. In Turrican, the levels aren’t linear like some other 2D games, instead, you can explore the huge levels and uncover secrets. Making for some great replayability.

Turrican Flashback – Modern Features To Help You Through Those Tough Moments

If I remember back to the days I used to play Turrican on the Amiga 500, it was a pretty tough game. Thankfully, the reworked games in the Turrican Flashback set will have a rewind feature and save states, so if the going gets tough, at least you’ll have a bit of help. The rewind feature sounds particularly cool as it will allow you to do some trial and error and the save states will let you pick up from exactly where you left off.

Factor 5, the talented team behind the original Turrican has taken the reigns in developing Turrican Flashback. And Ratalaika games have stepped up to help with the remastering. The 3 game flashback pack is published by ININ Games who have also released a physical version. The physical version can be pre-ordered now from Amazon for £24,99. The digital version will be available from the PlayStation Store.

Turrican Flashback launches on 29th January, that’s only one week away. Get ready to relive some retro gaming action with Turrican Flashback.

Turrican Flashback Screenshots

Check out some retro-looking screenshots from Turrican Flashback, due out on January 29th on PS4.