Co-Op Puzzler We Were Here Forever Gets January PlayStation Release

Grab your partner for a next-level co-op experience

We Were Here Forever screenshot

The award-winning co-op puzzle adventure We Were Here Forever will be coming to PlayStation platforms on January 31st 2023 developer Total Mayhem Games has announced. We Were Here Forever will be available for €17.99/$17.99 from the PlayStation Store when it launches in January.

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We Were Here Forever will have crossplay at launch so you’ll be able to team up with a buddy whether they are on PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

Here’s some info about the game from the official press release.

We Were Here Forever is the latest standalone entry in the We Were Here series, bringing fans back to the mysterious Castle Rock with a next level experience, award-winning puzzle design, and an even more thrilling 12+-hour story, leading up to a grand finale!
In this cooperative adventure you and your partner wake up locked and separated in the sinister dungeons of Castle Rock. With your trusty walkie-talkie as your only means of communication, you and your partner must solve mind-blowing puzzles together to escape once again – or so you hope!
In the cold Antarctic Castle Rock, a haunted and forgotten castle stands nearby a town named Rockbury. Once outside the Keep you will begin to uncover the story of Rockbury and the town’s inhabitants, who once planned a resistance against the King in order to escape this mysterious realm outside space & time… Every adventure can unfold differently thanks to a more freeform design allowing these explorers to unravel their own fate. Which begs the everlasting question: Does one ever … truly … escape Castle Rock?

We Were Here Forever will be out on January 31st for PS4 and PS5.