Comedic Space Game The Galactic Junkers Coming to PlayStation Later This Year

A space game with combat, exploration and a side of humour coming to consoles later in 2022

The Galctic Junkers key art

Space Combat Exploration game The Galactic Junkers will be heading to all platforms, including PlayStation later this year. The Galactic Junkers was originally supposed to be a PC release, but thanks to a publishing deal with London based global publisher Green Man Gaming, developer Evil Twin Artworks can now bring their game to consoles too.

Check out the announcement trailer for The Galactic Junkers below:

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“We are so excited to be collaborating with Green Man Gaming on Galactic Junkers. This was such a departure from our previous title we are really pleased to be able to get the game out to a larger audience.” Commented James Carroll, Director at Evil Twin Artworks. “Green Man got it from the off and that was something that was important to us, there’s a lot of off-kilter humour in The Galactic Junkers that we were pleased someone else was appreciating it outside of our little circle!”

What is The Galactic Junkers All About?

According to the official press release:

The Galactic Junkers will transport you to a far away galaxy to become the space captain you always wanted to be. The only problem is that your ship needs work, there’s a price on your head, and your crew are idiots! What could possibly go wrong! 

The Galactic Junkers is a comedic action-adventure space combat game that puts you in the role of a space captain on the run. Your ship might be falling apart and your crew isn’t the best but with a little luck, you can keep everything ship-shape. Upgrade your ship, hire a new crew, steal supplies and equipment, and keep searching for the truth of why everyone wants you dead.

The game will have some pretty nice features, like exploration, mining, salvaging, stealing and trading. Players will also be able to fight and board enemy ships to grab essential resources.

The Galactic Junkers sounds like it might be pretty good indeed. Space exploration and combat filled with some hilarious humour? Yep, sounds good. The Galactic Junkers is currently scheduled to land sometime later in 2022. So stay tuned for more information.