Concrete Genie Creator PixelOpus Working Hard on New PS5 Game

San Mateo based dev also looking to hire for this new project

PixleOpus working hard on new PS5 game

Yesterday was a pretty big day for PlayStation News. We found out that the new God of War game was delayed to next year and was coming to PS4. Bend Studio is also working on a new IP and now Pixelopus have also said they are hard at work on a new game for PS5.

The developers of the wonderful action, adventure, puzzle, art game Concrete Genie have tweeted that they are hard at work on an exciting new PlayStation 5 title.

The San Mateo, California-based development team, who was also behind rhythm game Entwined is also hiring for the new project. The dev studio, which started off with former game design students is seeking to hire a Principal Graphics Programmer for their new PS5 game.

As with Bend Studio’s new title, there’s no info on this new game yet. But it will surely be great with the talented team at Pizelopus working on it.

Sony recently revealed that PlayStation Studios are working on 25 new games, with half of them being brand new IP. So there is probably a few more announcements to come in that regard.