Cosmic Red & Midnight Black DualSense Controllers Now Available To Pre-Order

Releasing on June 18th

The two new PS5 DualSense Controller colours that were revealed yesterday are now available to pre-order. Amazon UK, Amazon US and have the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black controllers up for pre-order.

The stunning new DualSense controllers for your PS5 have been designed around the theme of ‘galaxy’. Not the chocolate bar but rather the System of stars found in outer space.

Cosmic Red and Midnight Black DualSense controlelrs

When do the new DualSense controller colours launch?

According to the respective retailers who the controllers available for pre-order, the new DualSense controllers will launch on the 18th of June 2021. Just less than a month from now.

And how much do they cost?

The Cosmic Red DualSense controller is a tad more expensive than the standard black and white one. Cosmic Red is priced at £64.99/$74.99. The Midnight Black DualSense controller is just about the same price as the standard DualSense and is priced at £59.99/$69.99.

Both colours of DualSense can be pre-ordered now from Amazon and other select retailers.

Both new DualSense controller colours are out on June 18th 2021 in the UK and US. Other regions might be slightly different.