During one of the final parts of the King of Kings quest in Curse of the Pharaohs, Bayek has to investigate Isidora’s Quarters in the Temple of Karnak. But to do this, he must first get in to Isidora’s Quarters.

Getting in to Isidora’s Quarters has left a few people stuck, including myself. I spend about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get in there, di dI need a key for the door? Was I missing some vital quest item? Nope, I had to climb in through a window.

I spotted a window above the door to the quarters after much searching for another way in. The window is easy to miss as it is not very noticeable.

How to get in to Isidora's Quarters

The window to get in to Isidora’s Quarters

And there it is, the window you need to climb through to get in to Isidora’s Quarters.

It’s above the door and to the right.

Once you’re in her quarters you need to investigate a few things then it’s on to the next part of the quest.