UPDATED: Customize My Plates Is Selling Custom PS5 Side Panels

Customisation has no limits

Customize My Plates selling custom PS5 side panels

Remember when Sony released the PS5 teardown earlier this month? The teardown which pretty much confirmed that the PS5 would have removable side panels? Customize My Plates remembers, and they are already selling customisable panels (faceplates) for your PS5.

The company is currently offering five different colours of faceplates to customise your standard PS5 or Digital Edition PS5.

Available Colours

Colours currently available are Indigo Blue, Cherry Red, Chromatic, Matte Black and Jungle Camo. The plates are priced at £32 ($39.99 USD) each for the standard style and Digital Edition style.

The faceplates can be pre-ordered now from the Customize My Plates website. The company aims to have the plates shipped on or before November 12th. So they should arrive in time for the UK/European PS5 launch date of November 19th.

For anyone worried that the plates might not fit their new PlayStation 5, Customize My Plates has said via their Twitter that they will be testing all plates on the PS5 prior to shipping. The company will also offer a full refund for anyone not happy with their custom PS5 plates.

The company also says that its PS5 custom plates won’t be 3D printed or be made from resin.

“We’re working with manufacturers in the UK and China to finalise the material but we will not be 3D printing or using any type of resin. Our plates will be made of a premium industry standard plastic.” a post on the companies Twitter account states.

Sounds like Customize My Plates are offering up a pretty high-quality product.

Demand for custom PS5 side panels is set to explode once the PS5 is launched. I can foresee the custom PS5 side panels business booming in the very near future.

Check out all the custom PS5 side panel colours available on the Customize My Plates website.

UPDATE 29th October 2020. The company has contacted PlayStation Fanatic and informed me that they have indeed been contacted by Sony, hence the reason they have had to change their website. They have asked me to change all references to the company name to the new one, Customize My Plates. The company would also like to reiterate that they are a 3rd party seller of unofficial accessories.

UPDATE 27th October 2020. Looks like the company might have run into a bit of legal trouble with Sony and have had to change their website. Their website is now located at www.customizemyplates.com. The website now explicitly states that the plates are “unofficial third-party accessories.”