D2 Forsaken Reset Bug Means Some Players Will Lose Out On Powerful Gear

Bungie’s working on a fix, but you’ll probably still lose out if you completed the bugged activities

Destiny 2 Forsaken reset bug means some players lose out on powerful gear

If you where playing Destiny 2: Forsaken on Saturday night, you may have noticed that certain activities reset and where showing powerful gear rewards available for completion.

The activities in question where the weekly challenges for Crucible(complete 5 matches), Daily Heroic Story(complete 3 Daily Heroic Stories) and Gambit(Complete 3 Gambit matches.)

If you went ahead and completed these challenges like I did, either on Saturday or at some point after, you would have noticed that the ‘Powerful Gear’ was dropping at the soft cap of 500 power.

Bungie have confirmed this to be a bug with the UI, however if you did complete the challenges, it means that you will lose out on powerful gear rewards come the actual reset on Tuesday 11th September.

If you are one of the unfortunate Guardians who happened to complete these weekly challenges when it looked like they reset on Saturday, it looks like we will be shit out of luck for getting powerful gear from these same activities come to the actual Tuesday reset.

Some Destiny 2 fans over on r/DestinyTheGame have called on Bungie to grant a Prime Engram to each player afffectedby this bug, after all, it’s not our fault there was a bug with the reset. It’s doubtful Bungie will comply though.

With the launch of the new Destiny 2:  Forsaken raid only a few days away, there has been a mad rush to get to the highest power level possible so players can take part in the raid and compete for the coveted Worlds First crown. The recent reset bug has angered many Destiny 2: Forsaken raiders, as it means they are losing out on vital powerful gear to boost their power level.

On a side note, some players have already begun glitching in to the new Last Wish raid and have even managed to get raid loot from a hidden chest.

As for the powerful gear lost due to the rest bug, unless Bungie manages a fix or does indeed reward affected players with some prime engrams, it looks like thos players affected by this bug might be lagging a bit behind in the power level stakes.