Dark and Violent Retro FPS Nightmare Reaper Is Out for Blood on PS5, PS4 on May 11th

Will be terrifying you on PS5 and PS4 soon

Nightmare Reaper artwork

Publisher Feardemic‘s dark, violent and critically acclaimed retro first-person shooter Nightmare Reaper is coming to PS5 and PS4 on May 11th.

Developed by Blazing Bit Games, Nightmare Reaper is a fast-paced FPS with looter-shooter and rogue-lite mechanics. The game also features intense and addictive gameplay with tons of enemies crammed into open-ended levels that are full of surprises, geysers of blood and treasure.

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The game will also feature character progression. You can use the gold you find to buy character upgrades and new abilities via minigames. A shooter wouldn’t be a shooter without some serious weapon variety and Nightmare Reaper has that in abundance. There are 80 unique weapons that can drop as loot and can contain a mix of over 30 enchantment types.

Nightmare Reaper also has a few other cool things that you should know about. First, the music is composed by Andrew Hulshult, who has composed music for games like Doom Eternal. The story is mysterious but non-intrusive. There are many game modes. There is a mix of random and manual level generation. And there are tons of random events and secrets to uncover.

Publisher Feardemic is also planning a physical edition of the game but no platforms have been announced for this yet.

If Nightmare Reaper sounds like your cup of tea then it will be out on PS5 and PS4 on May 11th.