Days Gone Dev Bend Studio Working On a “Very Exciting” New IP

Sounds like the new game will be open-world

Bend Studio working on brand new open-world IP

Days Gone developer Bend Studio is working on a “very exciting” new game according to PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst. Hulst revealed during a recent Q&A session with the Official PlayStation Podcast, that the team at Bend is very passionate about this new IP.

Hulst also says that the Days Gone developer is building on the open-world systems that they developed for Days Gone and that he is “very happy for Bend Studio.”

The studio Tweeted to confirm that they are working on a brand new IP.

The news of a brand new open-world game developed by a Sony first-party studio is probably music to most people’s ears. But it also means that Days Gone 2 won’t be happening.

It was reported back in April that Days Gone 2 won’t be happening after an unsuccessful pitch for the sequel by Bend Studio. The decision to not greenlight a sequel to Bend’s 2019 open-world Zombie adventure was primarily due to the game’s lengthy development and mixed critical reception.

An online petition was set up by fans to try and get Sony to change their minds on a sequel. The petition got nearly 80,00 signatures but seems that it didn’t help Sony to reverse its decision.

There no details yet as to what exactly the new game Bend Studio is working on is all about. But in their tweet, they did say “we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.”

I’m all in for a brand new open-world IP by PlayStation Studios. After the amazing Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone, the talented folks of PlayStation certainly showed they have got what it takes to create amazing open-world narrative-driven games.