Days of Play 2020 Announced, PlayStation Deals Galore

Great deals to be had on PSVR and more

PlayStation Days of Play 2020

Days of Play 2020 has just been announced over on the PlayStation Europe blog. There will be some sweet deals to take advantage of in this years days of play which runs from May 25th to June 8th. Days of Play 2020 kicks off early in select regions, including Europe. The U.S. Days of Play 2020 runs from  June 3rd to June 17th.

Days of Play 2020 will feature some tasty looking deals and discounts to celebrate the global PlayStation community.

Some of these deals include:

  • Cheap PlayStation VR bundles
    • PlayStation VR starter pack for only £199.99
    • PlayStation VR Mega Pack for £229.99
  • A wide selection of games including
    • Nioh 2 from £39.99
    • Death Stranding from £24.99
    • Days Gone from £15.99
  • A selection of PlayStation Hits games
    • A selected number of PlayStation hits games will be selling from £11.99 including God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • 30% off a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription
  • 30% off 12-month PlayStation Now subscription

There will also be more Days of Play 2020 deals available on the PlayStation store.

More information about Days of Play 2020 can be found on the Days of Play website.

What deals are best?

Now let’s take a closer look at those deals.

The PlayStation VR bundle deals look like the most bang for your buck deals.For instance, the PSVR starter pack is going for £223.64 right now on Amazon UK so you’re only saving about £23 quid there. On the other hand, the PSVR mega pack is currently selling for between £280.00 and £300.00 on the likes of Argos, etc. So, by buying the PSVR mega pack during Days of Play 2020, you could potentially be saving a tidy £70.00 and getting more for your money to boot.

If you have never tried PSVR before, now might be the time to experience it. Especially since the awesome Marvel’s Iron VR is out on 3rd of July.

As for the games, Days Gone is a great deal at £15.99. The game is definitely underrated. Days Gone is great because it has an impressive open world, great story, fantastic soundtrack and thousands of zombies to kill.

The PlayStation Hits games are also worth keeping an eye on. As £11.99 is a decent price to get your hands on some superb PlayStation exclusives if you haven’t already played them.

Looks like there is some good deals to be had in this years of Days of Play.