Days of Play 2021 Celebrates The Players

Community Goals

PlayStation has announced the return of Days of Play for 2021. This year Days of Play is a player celebration and calls on the PlayStation gaming community to come together to achieve a set of shared gaming goals.

Days of Play 2021 will feature a set of activities over the next few weeks with the aforementioned gaming goals. You will be able to win cool prizes like PSN avatars and PS4 themes.


To participate in the Day of Play events, all you have to do is sign up by signing in to your PSN account and clicking the Sign-Up button.

The Days of Play 2021 event will have three stages starting on the 18th of May. Each stage will have certain goals, such as a game’s goal – where the community has to cumulatively play a number of PS4 and PS5 games.

There is also a Trophies goal, where the PlayStation community must earn a certain number of trophies. This is perfect for you trophy hunters out there.

There will also be bonus goals the community can work towards if the goals are met before the end of each stage.

Dyas of Play 2021 prizes

Dyas of Play 2021 Prizes of PSN Avatars and PS4 Themes

Of course, PlayStation isn;t going to ask the community to participate and complete these goals without offering some sweet rewards for all our hard work.

You’ll be able to earn PSN Avatars and cool PS4 themes as long as you sign up before a stage begins.

For the full details and a list of stages and went hey start and finish, check out the post on the PlayStation Blog.

Days of Play 2021 – Other Stuff

There will also be the obligatory Days of Play celebration sale on the PlayStation Store. The sale kicks off later this month and is bound to have some juicy deals that will be difficult to resist.

A free online multiplayer weekend will also be a feature of Days of Play 2021. You’ll be able to play the multiplayer modes of your PS4 and PS5 games, even if you don’t have a PS Plus subscription. PlayStation Plus is well worth subscribing to though with free games each month ad a host of other benefits that come with it. Why not buy a PlayStation Plus subscription from Amazon? You won;t be disappointed.

Days of Play 2021 kicks off on May 18th. For details of the community goals, stages and all the other goodies check out the PlayStation Blog article.


Source: PS Blog