Destiny 2 Beta Dates Revealed, Game Release Brought Forward

The Beta will start of 18th July if you have pre-ordered on PS4, the full game will now launch two days earlier on 6th September

Destiny 2 Beta dates

Destiny 2 took over E3 yesterday and Bungie and Activision revealed the dates for the open Beta and surprisingly, they also announced that the full release of Destiny 2 is being brought forward two days and will now be launching on September 6th, as opposed to September 8th which was the previous launch date.

For those of you who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 on PS4 you will get to play the Beta early, starting on the 18th of July. The Open Beta will be available to everyone from the 21st of July. Full dates are below;

July 18th– Early Access PS4 Beta

July 19th – Early Access Xbox One Beta

July 21st– Open Beta

Late August – PC Beta

So, there you go, the dates for the Destiny 2 Beta.

I was planning on taking two weeks off of work for the full game launch but I am now wondering if I should take a week off for the Beta, I could still take two weeks off for the launch but all my holiday time would be used. Decisions, decisions.

Mark the dates above in your calendar, if you’ve pre-ordered on PS4 you get to play the Beta from the 18th of July and if you, like me, are planning on taking time off work, either an actual holiday or just phoning in sick, remember that Destiny 2 will now release on September 6th.