Destiny 2: Forsaken, beware of a full consumables inventory

It could lead to lost items

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken has released, it’s really, really good and has gotten me back into that Destiny grind and the quest for the highest power level possible before the new raid, The Last Wish, releases next Friday.

Like a lot of Destiny 2 players, I’ve been doing every possible quest, challenge, and mission that has ‘Powerful Gear’ labeled as a reward. Some of those were in the new Awoken area called the Dreaming City.

The Dreaming City is an endgame area and therefore a lot of the public events and other activities are pretty tough. Public events are 530/540 power level, I was only just over 500 power level when entering the Dreaming City so completing these events was a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

The Dreaming City vendor, Petra Venj, has weekly bounties which award powerful gear, I had done two of them and had only one left to complete to finish the complete three weekly bounties challenge for even more powerful gear.

One of the final weekly bounties I had to do was the Audience with the Queen bounty. To complete this bounty I first had to complete of the other weekly bounties called Gateway Between Worlds.

Gateway Between Worlds requires you to complete the new Court of Oryx like event in the Dreaming City called the Blind Well several times.

After a couple of hours grinding out Blind Well tiers, I could finally complete the Gateway between Worlds bounty, hand it in, gett he offering to the Queen and complete an Audience with the Queen bounty, netting me some powerful gear.


When I clicked complete on the bounty I was expecting the offering to pop up on screen but it did not, panic set in, was I missing something?


I checked my consumables and saw that my consumables where full, it must be at the postmaster I thought, so off to the Tower I went. Upon arriving at the Tower I sprinted to the postmaster but the offering wasn’t there, only some garish looking shaders and useless blue gear. I had lost the offering and the chance of some powerful gear.

I was extremly dissapointed.

I couldn’t believe the offering, the one thing I needed to complete the 3 weekly bounties, was gone, lost somewhere in the ether that is the Destiny 2 servers.

With all the useless blue weapons and armour, garbage shaders and pointless tokens that can gather up in the postmaster, the one important thing I needed decided to just vanish from the face of the earth. Brilliant.

So, if you’re doing the weekly Dreaming City bounties and in particular the Gateway Between Worlds bounty, for the love of the traveler, make sure you have enough space in your consumable slots for the offering.