Destiny 2 Official Launch Trailer is Here

New Legends Will Rise

The Destiny 2 official launch trailer has been released today and it makes me even more hyped for Destiny 2’s release, lets take a look.

The opening seconds of the trailer show Dominus Ghaul and another character, which could be the mysterious Consul aboard The Immortal, Ghauls personal command ship. We get out first glimpse of the Consul at the 5 second mark. The Consul is telling Ghaul that The Last City is secure and those who have fled are being hunted and those that remained have been executed.

Dominus Ghaul holds the Speaker captive

Shockingly, we see that Dominus Ghaul has taken The Speaker captive and is interrogating him. This might mean that we have to rescue The Speaker in a mission or series of missions.

In the trailer we can hear a character say that “the war is over and we have lost.” It all looks very doom and gloom when Zavala remarks that we can no longer protect ourselves let alone any survivors.

However, there is a call to arms when Zavala says ” we know what needs to be done” and Cayde remarks about getting up close and personal with Ghaul and putting a bullet in his head. I am sure when we do actually fight Ghaul in the game it will be more like a million bullets, some rockets a few grenades and a few supers to finish him off.

Ralph the Chicken also makes an appearance in the trailer, giving a few clucks or giving no clucks whatsoever.

At the 1.05 mark we see Zavala wrestling with a Cabal Red Legion and Zavala knees him right in the Cabals and steals his gun. We also here from Lord Shaxx who cries “if the Red Legion want war, give them war”

The remainder of the trailer shows plenty of action and plenty of sparrow and pike driving.

If the launch trailer is made up of cut scenes we will see in-game then they will be a far cry from what we had previously in Destiny. They look like they will be absolutely amazing. Most importantly they look like they be very emotive and make us feel that we are actually fighting for something.

Only 16 more days until Destiny 2 is finally released. I for one cannot wait.