Destiny 2 Preload is now up for UK and EU

Game size is 38.22GB, so shouldn’t take too long to download.

Not long to go now Guardians, only about 4 days until the launch of Destiny 2, the game that will now doubt destroy our social lives and have is staying in doors like Agoraphobic Hermits.

The pre-load for Destiny 2 is now live for the UK and EU with the game downloading at a steady pace, which means we will just have to sit and stare at the Destiny 2 launcher on our PS4 dashboard for the next few days.

We can see from the information screen that Destiny 2 will be 38.22GB, however the download status indicates 32.009GB which leaves about 6.211GB. Perhaps this will be the day one patch?

The good thing about a pre-load is that there will be no waiting around come September 6th for a massive download to complete, although I assume we will have to download the day one patch first before we can jump in and play the game.

Another thing that I noticed is that we can now see our Destiny 2 add ons. I have got 3 add ons, the Destiny 2 – Digital pre-order pack which includes the Coldheart exotic trace rifle, the salute emote and the killtracker Ghost.

There is also the expansion pass and the Premium Digital Content pack as I bought the Digital Deluxe Edition. The Premium Digital Content pack gets you a Legendary Sword, Legendary Emote and a Cabal Empire themed emblem.

As well as all the goodies listed above there is also a Destiny 2 Avatar and a Destiny 2 Theme if you pre-ordered through the PlayStation Store. These will become available to use on September 6th when Destiny 2 launches.


Destiny 2 version 1.02 update

Quick update, as you can see from the screenshot above, a un update to Destiny 2 has been released. Update 1.02 is 6.265GB. Overall size of the application is unchanged at 38.22GB.