Destiny 2 PS4 Pre-Load Date Revealed

Companion App will also be getting an update with some new Destiny 2 features

In their latest This Week at Bungie, Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4 pre-loading will become available on 31st August 2017.

This means you can have Destiny 2 all pre-loaded and ready to launch come September 6th, so you can get straight in to shooting some Cabal.

Bungie also announced that there will be a day 1 update for Destiny 2, although they did not reveal how big this update will be or what will be in it. Theres still no concrete information on the final size of the Destiny 2 application either.

Companion App Update

Destiny 2 companion app

The companion app will also be getting an update for Destiny 2.

There will be some new features for the companion app for Destiny 2 including an EXPLORE section which lets you keep up-to-date with the latest Destiny 2 news as well as enabling you to discover new events and activities.

There will also be a CLANS feature which will let you join, create and manage your clan, manage your clan roster and see who’s playing, track your clan progression and shared rewards and the ability to communicate with your clan members through clan text chat.

There will also be features that are returning from Destiny 1 such as the Gear Manager, recruitment section and profile manager.

The companion app update should happen on August 23rd.

For descriptions of new and returning features for the companion app head over to the latest This Week at Bungie post.