Destiny 2 Second Expansion ‘Gods of Mars’ Info Leaked

Accidental update to PlayStation store causes title and description of Destiny 2’s second expansion to be leaked.

Destiny 2 Gods of Mars expansion 2 leak information

A mistake made in an update to the US and Japanese PlayStation Stores accidentally revealed information about the upcoming Second Expansion to Destiny 2. This mistake revealed the title and description of expansion 2 as well as a release date. According to this accidental leak the title of the second expansion will be Gods of Mars.

News about this mistake was originally posted to the Destiny 2 sub-reddit about 14 hours ago, so all credit goes tot he original poster there for this tasty leaked info.

According to the accidentally uploaded Expansion 2 page on the PlayStation store, the title of Destiny 2’s next expansion will be called ‘Gods of Mars’ and it will be released in March 2018.

Destiny 2 Gods of Mars expansion PS store leak

This is not the first ‘leak’ about the second expansion however, about eight or so days ago a Reddit user posted on the r/DestinyTheGame sub-reddit with alleged information on the next DLC, the post was removed but was re-uploaded to the Bungie forums.

Let’s take a look at the PlayStation store description for the Gods of Mars expansion.

Destiny 2 Expansion II: Gods of Mars sends your Guardian on a long journey to a brand new destination – the Frigid Vale of Mars, with an array of new missions, adventures, and enemies to fight. Charlemagne has reawoken on Mars and has imprisoned Rasputin within an ancient vault. Work with the elusive Ana Bray – long thought to be dead, in order to combat Charlemagne’s Remnants, free Rasputin, and uncover the secrets of Clovis Bray.


  • Explore the Frigid Vale, a new destination that conceals the mysterious Clovis Grove and Charlemagne’s Vault beneath its surface
  • New story missions and adventures
  • New themed weapons, armor, and gear to earn
  • New cooperative activities
  • New competitive multiplayer arenas
  • New enemy faction & bosses

From the description above it appears we will be heading back to Mars – The Frigid Vale of Mars. The most exciting thing is the ‘new enemies to fight’, there hasn’t been any new enemies in Destiny, well forever, you can’t really count The Taken and the Siva-infected fallen from Rise of Iron as the where simply re-skins. Although, some users on the Destiny 2 Reddit page are speculating that the new enemies could be Siva-enhanced so they could just be more re-skins.

It also looks like we will be encountering the warmind Charlemagne. Charlemagne was supposed to be a warmind in Destiny 1 I think, looks like that cut content has made it into the upcoming DLC.

According to the description there will also be new cooperative activities, not sure what these could be but it is possible we might see something similar to Archon’s Forge and there will almost certainly be a new Raid Lair taking place on the Leviathan.

The description certainly makes the expansion sound not too bad but it is clear that it has already been pretty much developed. The question will be is it going to be any better and any more substantial than Curse of Osiris? It is possible that due to the mostly negative reviews of Curse of Osiris that Bungie may take the time to fill out the ‘Gods of Mars’ expansion with more stuff to do.

We should hear some official information about Gods of Mars sometime in January or February where there will no doubt be the usual reveal streams to build up the hype.