Destiny 2: Xur Inventory & Location for February 2nd – 6th 2018

This week Xur is on Nessus and he’s selling The Prospector

It’s that time of the week again when Xur, Agent of the Nine purveyor of all things exotic, makes a visit to one of the worlds of Destiny 2. So where the hell is Xur this week then?

Xur location map
This week, Xur is back on Nessus

This week Xur is on the unstable centaur we call Nessus, he’s hiding out in his usual tree in Watchers Grave. Let’s take a look at what he’s selling this week.

Xur’s Inventory

ItemTypePower LevelCost
The ProspectorGrenade Launcher30529
Legendary Shards
Lucky RaspberryHunter Chest Armour30523
Legendary Shards
An Insurmountable SkullfortTitan Helmet30523
Legendary Shards
Ophidian AspectWarlock Gauntlets30523
Legendary Shards
Fated EngramEngram30097
Legendary Shards
Three of CoinsConsumableN/A31
Legendary Shards

Not a bad selection this week from Xur. As usual, all of Xur’s exotics come with a base power level of 300 but have a +5 mod included bringing the total power level up to 305.

The Prospector
The Prospector

The weapon on sale this week is The Prospector. This exotic grenade launcher has the intrinsic perk called Excavation, which means you can hold R2 to fire grenades then release to all live grenades simultaneously for some really cool explosions.

For Hunters Xur is selling Lucky Raspberry a rather nice exotic chest piece. Lucky Raspberry has the intrinisc perk called Probability Matrix which increases the chaining capabilities of Arc Bolt grenade and has a chance to recharge it each time it deals damage.

For Titans Xur is selling An Insurmountable Skullfort. This exotic helmet has the intrinsic perk called Transfusion Matrix where kills with Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy.

For Warlocks Xur is selling the awesome looking Ophidian Aspect. These exotic gauntlets look like they have a pair of snakes curling around your arms, they also have the intrinsic perk called Cobra Totemic which means weapons reload and ready very quickly and melee range is extended.

Also on Xur’s shelf is the Fated Engram, which grants you an exotic not already in your collection.

And there is Three of Coins, using one of these boons gives you an increased chance at exotic engram drops from various sources throughout the world.