Destiny 2: Xur Inventory & Location for January 19th – 23rd 2018

Xur is hanging out in the Tower Hangar and is selling the Tractor Cannon

Destiny 2 Xur inventory and location january 19th to 23rd 2018

Xur is back in town selling his exotic wares and other items we can buy with our large amounts of Legendary Shards.

Destiny 2 Xur tower hanger location map

This week Xur is back in the Tower Hangar hanging out on the upper platform behind where Arach Jalaal of Dead Orbit is standing.

The last time he was here was the weekend of December 15th 2017. I presume he’s in the hangar as Mercury is the flash point planet for this week and if he was on Mercury that would cause an uproar among anyone who didn’t own Curse of Osiris. Anyway, let’s take alooka t what Xur’s selling this week.

Xur’s Inventory

ItemTypePower LevelCost
Tractor CannonShotgun30529
Legendary Shards
Knucklehead RadarHunter Helmet30523
Legendary Shards
Actium War RigTitan Chest Armour30523
Legendary Shards
Transversive StepsWarlock Leg Armour30523
Legendary Shards
Fated EngramEngram30097
Legendary Shards
Three of CoinsConsumableN/A31
Legendary Shards
Destiny 2 Tractor Cannon exotic shotgun
The Tractor Cannon

The weapon on sale this week is the Tractor Cannon. This weapon can be rather fun to use in PvP as you can use it to blast people of the edge of the map. The Tractor Cannon has the intrinsic perk called Repulsor Force where the weapon fires a powerful impulse beam to push enemies away.

First up in the armour department Xur has Knucklehead Radar. This exotic hunter helmet has the intrinsic perk called Upgraded Sensor Pack which provides radar while aiming.

For Titan’s Xur has the Actium War Rig. This exotic chest armour has the intrinsic perk called Auto-Loading Link which steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Auto Rifle’s magazine from it’s reserves.

And for Warlocks Xur is selling Transversive Steps. These exotic boots have the intrinsic perk called Strange Protractor which gives you increased movement speed and automatically reloads energy weapons whilst sprinting.

Xur is also selling the Fated Engram which will set you back 97 Legendary Shards. The Fated Engram is supposed to give you an exotic weapon or armour piece that is not already in your collection. It will not give you any quest exotics like the Mida Multi Tool nor will it give you any exotic Ships, Sparrows or Ghost shells.

Xur is also selling the new Three of Coins for 31 Legendary Shards each. Three of Coins gives you an increased chance at getting exotic engrams from various sources in the world.