Destiny 2: Xur Location & Inventory for December 22nd – 26th 2017

Xur is on Titan and he’s still selling his dodgy Three of Coins

Destiny 2 Xur

 Friday is here again and that means that Xur is back in town. Destiny’s version of Santa has dropped down the proverbial chimney to shower us with gifts..that we have to pay for using shards.

Xur location map on Titan
This week, Xur is on Titan

This week Xur is on Titan, at The Rig, New Pacific Arcology to be precise. He’s set up shop is the usual little room he’s in when he’s on Titan. Let’s take a look at what he has for us this week.

Xur’s Inventory

ItemTypePower LevelCost
RiskrunnerSubmachine Gun30529
Legendary Shards
Lucky PantsHunter Leg Armour30523
Legendary Shards
Doom Fang PauldronTitan Gauntlets30523
Legendary Shards
Wings of Sacred DawnWarlock Chest Engram30523
Legendary Shards
Fated EngramEngram30097
Legendary Shards
Three of CoinsConsumableN/A31
Legendary Shards

The weapon on sale by Xur this week is the Riskrunner. This exotic submachine gun has the intrinsic perk called Arc Conductor which, when taking Arc damage, this weapon becomes more powerful and resists incoming Arc damage. Kills extend the time in this overcharge state.

On the armour front for Hunters we have Lucky Pants, despite the name, these exotic leg armour probably won’t get you more exotic engram drops or grant you that emote you’ve been wanting from a bright engram but they do have an intrinsic perk called Illegally Modded Holster where precision hits load one round to the chamber of stowed handcannons.

For Titans Xur has a lovely set of exotic Gauntlets called Doom Fang Pauldron. These gauntlets fit snuggly around your arms and have the intrinsic perk called Horns of Doom, which means that if you’re running the Sentinel subclass shield bash melee kills will recharge shield throw and melee ability kills will recharge your Sentinel shield super.

Lastley for Warlocks Xur has the Wings of Sacred Dawn. This nifty looking chest piece has the intrinsic perk called Tome of Dawn, which means when Dawnblade is equipped, aiming weapons while in midair suspends you there for a short time. Precision hits extend this effects duration.

Xur also has on sale his dodgy Three of Coins which seem to be a bit faulty. Bungie are aware of an issue that seems to make three of coins basically not work as intended, particularly when using during Heroic Strikes. I’m not sure if they do work as intended when used during other activities, so buyer beware.

Also available from Xur is the Fated Engram, which is supposed to guarantee you an exotic that is not already in your collection, however some guardians have been reporting that the Fated Engram has been giving them exotics they already own.