Deviation Games Might Be Working on a PlayStation Live Service Game

Sony’s making big leaps into the live service game space

Deviation Games might be working on a PlayStation live service game

Sony Interactive Entertainment has some big ambitions, one of those is getting into the live service game space. Shortly after PlayStation’s acquisition of Destiny developer Bungie, the PS5 maker said it wanted to release more than ten live service games by 2026.

During a recent earnings report, Sony said it wanted to utilise the talent and expertise of Bungie to get into the live service game space. However, some rumours posted to Twitter and the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, think that Deviation Games is working on a “World-class FPS” game that sounds a lot like a live service game.

A quick refresher on Deviation Games: Deviation Games is a new studio headed up by a team of gaming vets who worked on games like Call of Duty. it was announced last June that they had teamed up with PlayStation to create a brand new IP.

The new rumours that have surfaced about what project Deviation Games could be working on for PlayStation have been posted by Oops Leaks on Twitter. Let’s take a look at was has been rumoured.

Are deviation Games possibly working on a PlayStation live service game?

Let’s take a look at what Oops Leaks tweeted.

Deviation games are working on a world-class FPS. A first-person shooter makes sense given the backgrounds of the Deviation Games team, with games like Call of Duty under their belts.

The project is planned to be supported for years, if not generations. Sounds a lot like a live service game to me. Live service game’s like Destiny 2, Warzone, etc are usually supported with new content and updates for a long time.

The project will receive many game modes, including story-driven single-player campaigns and multiplayer. Sounds very much like a live service game doesn’t it? Oops Leaks also added that multiplayer will be aimed for both arcade modes and more competitive modes.

In a further two tweets, Oops Leaks said that the project is ambitious but in the very early stages of production. So things could change. But, Oops Leaks thinks that the first official information about the game should be revealed within a year and is scheduled for release in 2024. They also said that they do not know anything about the game’s setting.

Of course, any games related rumour posted to Twitter or Reddit could quite simply be mere speculation. But, Sony did officially state that it wants to release more than ten live service games by 2026. And, given the talents and pedigree of Deviation Games, not to mention that PlayStation now has Bungie on board, I could definitely see this new game being a live service game.

Source: Twitter via Gaming Leaks and Rumours.