Dreams Fan Sets Up Petition to Keep Dreams Alive After Media Molecule Announced an End to Live Support

Keep the Dreams alive

Dreams key art

A Dreams fan has launched a petition to keep Media Molecules PS4 game and art creation tool alive after the developer announced live support for the game was coming to an end. Media Molecule announced that live support for Dreams would end on 1st September 2023 as the studio shifts its focus to an “exciting new project.”

The news dashed the hopes of many Dreams fans hoping to see a PS5 version of the game with PS VR2 support. The Dreams community was also in shock at the news, as many had expected live support and updates to continue for much longer.

Dreams was originally released on 14th February 2020, although it did have an early access phase beforehand.

Although live support and updates for Dreams will be ending on the 1st of September, Media Molecule has stated that creators will still be able to create and players will still be able to play other people’s creations. The studio has updates in the works before live support officially ends, including migration to new servers.

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Keeping the Dreams Alive

Dreams is used by thousands of very talented and creative individuals who have created loads of really, really amazing games and artwork in the creation tool. In an effort to keep Dreams alive and supported for longer a fan has created a petition in the hopes that Sony and Media Molecule might rethink their decision and keep the game supported for longer.

If you like Dreams and want to support the petition you can sign it here.

The petition currently has 271 signatures as of writing.

Although the news of live support ending for Dreams is certainly sad news, there is some comfort to fans in knowing that the game just won’t be disappearing. You will still be able to create and play creations but I think a big concern is that, at some point, the Dreams servers will shut down and the hundreds of thousands of amazing creations will be lost forever.

Right now, things like games aren’t able to be exported from Dreams except in the form of video footage or screenshots. This is despite Media Molecules’ earlier grand ambitions of wanting games created in their tool to be published outside of the Dreams and PlayStation ecosystem.

So for a lot of creators who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours creating amazing games in Dreams, the thought of all that work just vanishing at some point in the future without any way to export it is quite a jarring thought.

I am not certain how well the petition will do in changing Media Molecule or Sony’s mind regarding dreams. But, I think they should at least put Dreams on to PS Plus to give it a user boost and then, if they haven’t done so already, see how economically viable it would be to bring it to PS5 and PS VR2.